Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A New Book

Warriors Win

On Sunday the warriors beat the titans 28-22 at Mt Smart Stadium. They have a new star player called Kieran Foran and they played well.

Man Makes Car Out Of Wood

Michel Robillard spent six years making a car out of wood. He built his car in his workshop.

First Man Makes Wooden Car

Michel  Robillard Built a wooden car at his France workshop. He likes making cars and hopes
to show it at a gallery.

Antarctica is Coming to Auckland

Outside the museum, they are going to make icebergs on the walls. The show will go for forty
five minutes.


Paintings Stolen

Two famous paintings by Lindauer were stolen from an art gallery in Parnell on Saturday. The robbers want to make quick money by selling them.


Two famous paintings were stolen from an art gallery in Parnell. The robbers will try to sell them for lots of money.